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About Make x Art

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.”
----- John Lasseter, PIXAR

Make x Art is a brand new concept developed by Makeblock with the aim of promoting STEAM education by showcasing the people and projects found at the intersection of technology and art. When creativity combines with mechanics, electronics and even objects found in daily life, it often results in unheard of inventions.

We believe that the future of education is the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, with the Arts – STEAM education. Learners, educators, artists and makers are invited join our initiative and show off their artwork, exhibitions, classes or workshops.

Technology. Make. Art.

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We welcome artists & art institutions to contact and partner with us.

We look forward to working with new friends as we build for a future of even more extraordinary technological art and experiences.


Face Changing in Sichuan Opera

Pengzhi Liu, Tao Zhong, Yanhong Lai, Runqin Zhong, He He

Makeblock Co., Ltd.

Traditional Chinese Culture

Face Changing is one of the dramatic art performance of Sichuan opera. The performers change the colored masks, typically depicting the emotions of characters from the opera, from one face to another almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a movement of the head, or wave of the hand. The authors of the artwork interpret Face Changing, the traditional Chinese culture, in technological style.

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My Romance

Chunlin Guan, Yuqing Jiang, Mei Su, Yanlin Huo, Shiyun Jiang, Wang CHOW

Makeblock Co., Ltd.

Installation art

“The flowers are blooming along the walkway. It's time you come back now, but no haste. Right here, for you I wait,” is a Chinese expression from husband toward his wife, who is staying in her maternal home. Inspired by this story, the author created this blooming art piece using Makeblock’s product. Combining traditional drawing and technology, the artwork shows girls, artists, and beginners a path to enter the world of making.

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Paper! Paper! Paper!

Weijiang Wang, Kaijie Li, Li Ran, Yanlin Huo

Makeblock Co., Ltd.

Music, Interior Design

The authors, fans of blues & swing jazz, use mechanical parts, paper and needle to build a DIY retro vinyl player. Coupled with specifically designed paper lights, the entire artwork lead spectators step into light and sound interactive experience. Soft music and warm lighting compose tranquility.

More: http://makezine.com/2017/06/30/maker-spotlight-weijiang-wang/

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Frozen fire

Chunlin Guan,Zongwei Cai,Nan Zhou,Ruifeng Zhang, Teddy Seyed

Makeblock Co., Ltd. ,MakeFashion


Makeblock x MakeFashion first time co-worked together and designed an east-meet-west wedding dress, Frozen Fire. Iced blue and China red are applied on the artwork to signifies the frozen of happiness moment. In addition, the blossom of flowers on the dress is realized using traditional kirigami, imitating the romance of spring.

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Makeblock Live-Streaming Room

Huajie Zhang, Caiwang Chen, Qingyun Liu, Xiang Mo

Makeblock Co., Ltd.

Internet culture

In Makeblock Live Room, everyone can be internet celebrity and super fan.

Give him a “Like”! Send her an “Instant Comment”! Pay them a “Gift”!

Want to be famous or pretending billionaires? No worries! Makeblock Live Room is there!

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Chunying Li, Wei Su,Liang Wang, Shujun Bi, Feng Wen

Makeblock Co., Ltd.

Traditional Chinese Culture

The design of MomentBlock was inspired by “Revolving Lantern”, a Chinese traditional toy. The authors would like to produce a dynamic album that enables everyone to slowly replay the most worthwhile moments. Beside typical handle rotation, MomentBlock integrates technological element and performs customized auto page-turning and lighting effects.

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Wings of my Angel

Chunlin Guan, Keke Liao

Makeblock Co., Ltd.


The artwork is a pair of angel wings designed to thank mother. Soft feathers revealing warm yellow lighting simulate the warm arms of mother.

Regardless how the time flies, mother is always the most important angel in ones' lives.

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Lion Dance

Dali Liu, Gary, Yinghang Fu, Junzhuo Wu

G&J Makerspace teacher club

Traditional Chinese Culture

Being inspired by the Chinese traditional performance "Lion Dance", 2 robots were designed to simulate lion's movements in lion costumes while another robot was programmed to play musical instruments. The artwork demonstrates the joyful atmosphere during Lion Dance performance and reproduces the connotation of this traditional culture.

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My Little Music Box

Jun Yin

Makeblock Co., Ltd.

Music and Digital Arts

From artist to artist, an experienced software engineer integrated his technical knowledge of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) into a compact music box, and programmed the notes from “Canon and Gigue in D”. The reason behind the selection was from one of the most impressive Korean movies that he saw in the early days, “My Sassy Girl”. Through the simulation of this classical piece, he wished that more people could enjoy and interact with this music box, a combination of music, arts and technology.

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